Kris Hvattum

Web & Mobile App Developer

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Hi, I'm Kris

I'm a web and mobile app developer on a mission to create user-centric digital experiences. With a teaching background, I'm fueled by a love for learning and a passion for embracing new technologies.

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  • JavaScript logoJavaScript
  • HTML logoHTML
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  • React LogoReact
  • React LogoReact Native
  • Flutter logoFlutter


  • Node.js logoNode.js
  • Express logoExpress
  • MongoDB logoMongoDB
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Tools and Platforms

  • Vercel logoVercel
  • Firebase logoFirebase
  • Git logoGit
  • GitHub logoGitHub
  • Docker logoDocker
  • Canva logoCanva
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Professional Projects:

Kardia Classical School website screenshot
Kardia Classical School Website

Technologies: NextJS, Sass, JavaScript, Material UI, Framer-Motion

Website built for Kardia Classical School, a private school in Snohomish, WA. It features animations using Framer-Motion and integration of Facebook Messenger for a live-chat option for prospective parents.

Screenshot of a political campaign site for Chuck Whitfield featuring a Vote for Chuck Whitfield sign and a headshot of Chuck.
Vote 4 Chuck! A political campaign website

Technologies: React, Vite, JavaScript, Sass, Canva

I was commissioned to build a site for a local school board director running for re-election. In addition to developing the site, I took headshots of the candidate, photographed local architecture for the site, set up a YouTube channel, and created thumbnails for the videos.

Screenshot of a Kelso's Meats landing page featuring a slideshow of meats and cows.
Kelso's Meats Landing Page

Technologies: React, HTML, SASS, JavaScript, Bootstrap

Landing page built for Kelso's Custom Meats in Snohomish, WA. When I met the Kelso family their website that was built in 2013 had recently been taken down due to their domain expiring. I found a more desirable domain, helped them purchase it, and developed this landing page for them.

Personal Projects:

Bibliolog screenshot showing the home page with an image of a woman reading a book.
BiblioLog - Your Virtual Bookshelf

Technologies: React, Vite, Sass, Redux, Node, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB

Users can create an account, search for books, track what they have read, and store reviews. This app uses the Google Books API to search for books. State management for this app is handled by Redux.

Screenshot of Brittany Herzog Photography website
Brittany Herzog Photography

Technologies: React, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React Spring

During my full stack web and mobile bootcamp with Nucamp, I developed this site as a final project. I did so for a friend who is a very talented photographer. I designed all aspects of the site including branding. I was awarded a Graduation with Honors certificate for this project and the video documentation I submitted.

Screenshot of Country Guesser website
Country Guesser - A Geography Trivia Game

Technologies: React, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Node, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB

While teaching web development for a class of 7th graders the idea for this app was born! Country Guesser displays a flag and some information about a country. The user must guess from the four options displayed. The more correct answers, the longer the streak. The best part of development was how much the kids enjoyed helping. When the class insisted that the game include a leader board, I added an API in order to store the data in a MongoDB database.

screenshot of wordie gameplay

Technologies: Python, BeautifulSoup

Clone of the popular Wordle game. Randomized word is taken from a word list scraped from using a web scraper. To view this project live, you must run it locally with Python.